How to leverage AI Tools to Boost your SEO Efforts

Generating content with AI Writer Software doesn’t mean it will rank easily (or higher) in search engines. AI writing tools generate text using a technology (namely GPT-3), which can predict which word comes next in a sentence.

Because GPT-3 is trained on a large amount of data (text), including Wikipedia (amongst others), it’s likely the AI tool’s output will include keywords that are relevant to your audience. This is just the way NLP (natural language processing) works.

In this article, I’ll discuss how to use AI content generation tools for SEO and content optimization tasks, instead of text generation only.

AI writer tools can help you rank your content in Google
Ranking on Google with the Help of AI Content Tools

Below are some of the SEO (search engine optimization) related activities you can use AI content generators for.

1. Brainstorming for Topic Ideas

AI writers are great for getting rid of writer’s block. You can instruct an AI writing tool to give you some ideas about what to write about next. The tool will then generate ideas that are highly relevant to the nice you are working in.

The reason AI writers will return ideas that are relevant (and engaging) to your audience is because of the way they were trained (I mentioned this in the blog introduction of this post).

Many digital marketing professionals and content creators use AI writing tools in order to get their creative juices flowing. As a bonus, it’s pretty common, to learn about topics you’ve missed, or find topical gaps with your existing content.

2. Generate Click Worthy Titles (headlines)

The title of your blog post or article is very important for your ranking potential. The more attractive (catchy) your title is the more people will click it. More clicks translate to a higher CTR (click-through rate), which indicates to Google that your article is interesting to the searcher.

Writing click-worthy blog titles is an art. It’s something that many people find difficult to do. The best way to write attractive and catchy headlines, is to not think too much – which is where AI can help. You can use an AI writer to generate very original, engaging, and relevant Blog titles. 

3. Generating Clickable Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are the text underneath the blue link in the SERP (search engine results page). Though not a direct ranking factor, they are important for informing the searcher what your article is about. This, in turn, can help increase CTR on the titles. 

Writing engaging and descriptive meta descriptions is, just like writing headlines, difficult for most people. This is why using An AI tool can be handy. 

4. Content Rewriting (and Spinning)

Duplicate content is a problem, and it will get your site penalized by Google in a hurry. AI writing tools enable you to take existing content and rewrite it. You can say the same thing differently, to avoid creating duplicate content on your website, or the web entirely.

The better AI Writing Tools give you the option to add: tone of voice and level of writing (professional, or easy to comprehend), etc.

5. Text to Art Generation

It’s now possible for AI to generate original art from a text description. Adding rich elements to your blog posts increases the ranking power of your content. This is because original (non-duplicate) images can increase the clarity of the delivered message.

If you don’t have the skills to produce quality artwork in photoshop or a simpler tool like Canva, or are in need of a large number of images, you can use an AI text to image generator.

6. Fundamental Niche Research

Because GPT-3 is trained on a large set of relevant data, AI tools will often return information about your niche that you might not have encountered before. This, in turn, opens you up to new ideas (even business opportunities) or keyword ideas to include in your SEO strategy.

Though I will never say that this method of doing research can be a substitute for doing niche research, it can still be useful at times. Also, keep in mind that statistical information or facts that are returned by an AI tool should always be checked. AI finishes sentences, so the output might not be true. 

7. Increase Publishing Rate

While some people would disagree that the publishing rate affects your rankings, there is a lot of evidence that it does. If you’re working alone, or in a small team, an AI writing tool can help you publish more, faster. 

Of course, I have to mention that directly publishing AI-generated content isn’t a good idea. This is because of the dangers of plagiarism, spammy, and possibly rubbish content. If you’re planning to publish AI content, also have a look at these AI copywriting tips

Wrapping up

Though they aren’t perfect, AI content tools can help you with your SEO activities. But they aren’t going to help you rank, without doing any manual optimization. 

If you’re looking for an easier way to increase your visibility in search engines, you can start taking advantage of AI SEO tools for content optimization.

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