Digital Marketing Consultant

I’m a ‘T-Shaped’ digital marketing consultant, with over 20 years of experience helping businesses improve their results online. By combining knowledge of technology with digital marketing, I’m able to deliver cutting-edge strategies that seamlessly align with your business goals.

Digital Marketing Consultant and Performance Marketer - Lex Gabrees

My focus is on integrated, growth-orientated performance campaigns, using SEO and SEA (PPC), Content Strategy and Social Media Marketing. I build strategies, implement the tactics and optimize for results with CRO.

Goals can vary from demand generation (increase website traffic and search rankings) to conversions (e-commerce sales) and lead generation (usually b2b). I am most passionate about SaaS (software as a service) and digital products.

My Story

I started out as a freelance web designer in 2001. After working on client projects for a number years, I developed an interest online entrepreneurship and digital marketing (SEA and SEO at the time). Over time, my work began shifting towards launching entrepreneurial projects and building growth marketing strategies.

In 2007, I started building and running performance marketing campaigns using paid search channels, such as Google Ads, amongst others. Nowadays, I build, optimize and scale long-term, full stack performance campaigns, which are lead generation and conversion focused.

Besides running my own campaigns, I offer consulting for established SMBs, as well as startups.

To learn more about how I can help you improve your digital marketing results, get in touch through the contact page.

For free guides and tutorials, have a look at the blog section.

My approach

Digital marketing is multi-faceted. In order to compete, it’s necessary to leverage the correct channels, connect with the right audience, and effectively communicate your objective. To accomplish this, you have to work systematically and be creative.  Additionally, each business and every industry has its own unique challenges.

I utilize a process-based approach. This allows me to deliver custom solutions for your specific business needs. It all starts with a thorough assessment of the current strategy and activities. This enables me to identify what’s needed to build an effective digital marketing plan to help you achieve your goals.

What I do

  • Digital Marketing audits
    • An in-depth analysis of your digital marketing strategy, activities, and setup, resulting in a report of recommendations for improving your results.
  • Implementation of recommendations
    • Result-focused organic and content marketing campaigns, built on data-analysis.
    • Paid traffic (PPC) campaigns for lead generation or sales
    • Conversion optimization (CRO)
  • Building customer journeys (multi-funnel) and optimizing for best results over time
    • Implementation of an Analytics and Tracking measurement plan.
    • Testing and CRO (conversion optimization) across all customer touchpoints.
  • Automation of Marketing processes
    • Server and Open Source Marketing Stack Setups
    • n8n Workflows and integrations
    • Mautic Email Marketing and Automation

Performance marketing

At this moment I partner with a number of SaaS providers in the digital marketing space and create integrated campaigns for a living. Depending on the client and the problems they are facing I do some work on occasion.

I also write tutorials, training and review digital marketing tools for entrepreneurs and SMB on this website / blog.

If you’re interested in learning how I can help you improve your online results, please get in touch with me through the contact page. For more information or to connect via social media, please visit my Linkedin page.

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