Best 3 AI Content Generators of 2021 – Tested, Reviewed, and Compared

AI content generator tools are more popular than ever. Their application and their impact on content marketing, PPC advertising, and other digital marketing tactics, are well known. As you read this, plenty of companies are tapping into this technology to assist marketers and writers create unique and relevant content – quickly.

In this article, I’ll discuss how AI content generation works, what the benefits are, and how you can start using A writer tools to start writing highly relevant, unique copy.

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After using many AI content generators for almost a year, I’ve narrowed my shortlist of recommendations down to only three tools. If you’re looking to get a quick overview of what the best AI content generator tool for your specific situation is, have a look at the table below.

AI content creation - Jarvis | -
AI Content creation tool - Shortlyai
Check out ShortlyAI
Ai writing assistant -
Check out

How do AI Content Generators Work?

AIl AI content generators, use the Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 model (or GPT-3). This is a technology made available by OpenAI which is capable of predicting what naturally comes next in a sentence, based on the input given. AI article writers are basically able to output text, which in many cases, is indistinguishable from the human-created text. 

GPT-3 is trained on a huge set of pages from the web, a large collection of books, and Wikipedia data. This enables the tools to not only generate human-like texts, but also answer specific questions, translate copy to a different language, and perform sentiment analysis. Do I still need to explain how useful this can be to Digital Marketers?

Why use AI for Content Creation ?

One of the biggest challenges content creators face is how to maximize productivity. Creating compelling copy is not only hard work, but it can take a lot of time. Other times, a lack of inspiration can be a hurdle. Because publishing new content periodically is essential for organic traffic generation, I decided to start using AI copywriting tools to assist me in content creation.

Below are just a few benefits of AI content generation:

  • Quickly generate unique ideas for writing engaging, original text
  • Ouput outlines for blog posts or in-depth articles
  • Headline generation for more better headlines
  • Generating compelling copy for Google or Facebook ads
  • Long form article Generation that’s highly relevant to your audience
  • Blog topic generation and ideas
  • Automating engagement with AI chat bots (on websites and Facebook chats)

So, what did my experience with using around a plethora of different AI writing tools show me in practice? Read on, in order to get my honest opinion.

Are AI Content Generators worth their Price?

If you’re skeptical about the value that AI content writers can offer you, be assured that I was too. However, after using them for a while I can definitely say they’re worth their price. If you’re dealing with content creation in any way, you’ll want to hop on this trend quickly. The advantages of content creation with AI are countless.

The advantages that I’ve noticed:

  • Improved my productivity by around two to threefold
  • AI tools can give me lots, and I mean lots of ideas for content creation, which I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise
  • I’ve been saving a lot of time. Researching for topics to write about and writer’s block (which I am no stranger to) are really less of an issue now
  • It’s a lot easier to write long guides, tutorials, traings and articles now

While this all sounds fantastic, I’d like to emphasize that AI content generators are no one-stop solution. While AI tools can produce highly relevant and compelling output, a manual editing process is still needed, to align your content to your marketing goals. AI cannot read your mind, nor can it read the mind of your ideal customer.

This brings me to some best practices and some ethical ways of how to use these generators for content creation.

Best practices for AI Copywriting

Once you start using these ai content generators, be aware that just copying and pasting the generated content isn’t going to be the right thing for your business. The reason is that AI content generators cannot replace your tone of voice, your personal opinion, or your tone of voice. If you want to stand out (which you want to), any text that’s produced by an AI tool needs to be edited.

While using AI to create content, keep in mind the following important points:

  • Keep doing manual research. This will help you understand your market and help you get the best output. AI content generation will work better when you understand your market. The output is directly aligned to the input. 
  • Use AI as your writing assistant. Never copy and paste generated text into your web pages. This will not result in better rankings. Instead, generate text and edit it to fit your specific needs. Add your own voice to your content and make it unique.
  • Check for plagiarism. Always use a tool like Copyscape, in order to make sure that your content is unique. This is because otherwise, you might get penalized by Google.
  • Optimize the output to be SEO-friendly. Even though AI content is fairly unique and highly relevant, you’ll still need to optimize manually. I use for optimization, but you can use a something like SurferSEO.

Best 3 AI Content Generator Recomendations

If you’ve been looking to start using AI content generators, you’ll have noticed how many there are. AI-powered marketing is very hot to choose from. Because many of them seem similar on the surface, it can be difficult to know which one is best for your specific situation. As a digital marketer, content creator, and online entrepreneur myself, I’ve found that only a few stand out for me. 

Below, I’ll go over the best 3 AI Content Generators I’ve used over the past few months.

My top picks are based on the following criteria:

  1. Quality of the generated output (GPT-3 has several levels for this).
  2. Speed and ease at which you can produce good output.
  3. Pricing. If you’re going to pay for anything, you better be sure you get your money worth.

1. Jarvis |

Jarvis, also known as uses templates in order to provide input for content generation. These templates allow for a focused, easy input method that’s narrowed down to your exact needs. Popular templates are blog post outlines, AIDA Framework, Product descriptions Facebook ad Headlines, Quora answers, and many more.

Jarvis | also provides a long-form editor, which will generate output through commands. By merely typing into the editor (asking it something), the AI will provide an appropriate response. For example, you can type: “what are the benefits of AI content generators for copywriters and startups?”. The results will be unique, relevant AI-generated text. | Jarvis AI templates
Jarvis | -  Content Generator
Fantastic long-form editing in Jarvis

Recommended for:
Everything, from short-form copy for paid advertising, to long-form article writing. Jarvis | is a complete suite of tools, focused on digital marketing professionals. Long-form text generation in the editor offers an excellent workflow with stunning output quality.


  • The output quality is Fantastic. Like all three services in this list. uses the best GPT-3 engines in order to generate the best output.
  • Jarvis long-form editing in ‘bossmode’ enables you to write fantastic long-form copy quicker than any tool on the market. Using the commands makes editing, generating compelling copy incredibly fast (and fun!).
  • Jarvis gets better over time, as it learns from the input, in order to generate even better output for you.
  • Jarvis, as a product, is continuously being improved. One of the ways they’ve done this is by acquiring ShortlyAI (2nd in my list) and implementing all the good things it has to offer into Jarvis.
  • Support is awesome. They’re helpful and responsive.

2. ShortlyAI

ShortlyAI is a fantastic AI article writer for creating long-form content. The user experience is extremely clean and the workflow is very streamlined. Unlike with the other tools, the AI inputs are done in the editor, by entering commands. Because of this workflow, it’s possible to get creative and tweak the input to get great output.

AI content creation editor - shortlyAI -
ShortlyAI’s user experience

Recommended for: 

More or less every type of output generation. ShortlyAI is amongst the best for long-form article generation. However, it doesn’t end with long-form output. Using the commands, ShortlyAI is able to generate any type of output, ranging from complete blog outlines and unique headlines to inspiring topic ideas to write your next article about.

Have a look at this in-depth ShortlyAI review for some examples.


  • Output quality is generally great. ShortlyAI uses the highest quality AI engine available (named Da-Vinci). Besides that, the long-form article editor allows you to focus on the entire ouput, which in turn helps the writing process immensely. There’s no need to switch to templates and then back to a document in order to arrange the generated output. Instead, you can finish most of the article inside of ShortlyAI’s editor.
  • Clean user experience and easy to use. Using ShorltyAI is not rocket science. There are just a few commands, but they can be used to generate any type of ouput. Less bells and whistles actually help a lot with staying focused on the article you’re working on. That in the end, is what it’s all about.
  • ‘Unlimited’ usage. Many AI copywriting tools will limit you to the number of runs or amount of text that can be generated. ShortlyAI allows for unlimited useage. This means you can basically generate AI text as much as you want. This makes ShortlyAI a very attractive option, because it’s still more affordable, without sacrificing any power.
  • I would like to see more even commands at my disposal. Even though I can honestly I don’t miss having more commands right now, there’s always room for improvement. I’m sure that the guys at can think of something to make ShortlyAI even better. Then again, they might not want it to compete with Jarvis too strongly.

ShortlyAI, for me, along with Jarvis, is my go-to AI content generation tool. If Jarvis’s pricing is too much for you, then I would recommend ShortlyAI as the next best AI service.

In-depth ShortlyAI review.


Copy.AI is the least pricy tool of the three. You can choose what type of content you’d like to generate in the menu. Like this tool also uses templates in order to generate output.
The user experience is straightforward, yet I found the presentation of the output to be a little bit messy. However, it’s still cleaner than many others. is a great choice for those who are looking to get content ideas for short copy, such as Facebook advertisements, G ads copy, blog headlines, and outlines. The service does not provide a long-form editor as the others do.

AI writing generation templates - - interface

Recommended for:
Short-form copy, such as headlines, advertisements (G ads, FB ads, and the like), and anything else that’s not long-form copy.


  • It’s easy to use. Straightforward. You enter your input through templates and will generate the output. You can then copy the generated output into a Google document (or some other tool), and refine the content. What’s missing here, in my opinion, is the long-form editor, which you’ll find in ShortlyAI and Jarvis. On the other hand, with some workarounds, ou can achieve most of what you can do in the other services as well.
  • Output quality is mostly good. However, I still miss being able to get creative with editor commands, like with JarvisAI and ShortlyAI. Templates allow for a controled workflow, and I can see how this i a good thing for some users. Personally, I like to be in control as much as possible, which measn I like using commands.
  • It won’t break the bank. It’s the cheapest tool of the three, but still looks professional and offers a clean user experience. From what I read, is one of the first AI powered copywriting services, so it’s been around for a while. That also becomes clear from the sheer number of templates that are available. But again, I’d rather have a long-form editor at my finger tips.
  • Sometimes, when I try to generate content at short intervals (quickly after each generation) I get a message that I need to wait 30 seconds before I can continue. Most probably, this is because of some throttle that is put on the collective number of content generations. This is definately something that’s put in place for regulation purposes of the service. I haven’t experienced this with the others. I found this to be a little bothering, when trying to generate a lot of content. Of course, if you’re no power user, then this might not be an issue for you.


When it comes to creating quality content for your web pages, artificial intelligence can definitely be of help. These AI content generators can improve the quality of your writing and increase efficiency. Not only does this save time and money, but it also makes the content creation process more fun.

Because AI Content Generator tools will output unique text, marketers can create SEO-friendly content faster and more easily than ever before. This does, however, require some manual work, because the AI isn’t generating optimized content.

If you’re interested in ranking AI-generated content, have a look at these AI writing tips every Digital Marketer and Copywriter needs to know.

Since all AI content writers I reviewed, use openAI’s ‘da-Vinci’ engine to generate output, quality is similar for all of them. On the other hand, I’ve noticed that workflow is a huge factor in the final output too. Being able to re-generate output, until you get something that’s to y our liking, without having to switch screens or repopulate templates is fantastic. This is why Jarvis and ShortlyAI definitely have the edge.

Choosing the best tool for your specific situation also depends on your budget. While pricing is important I feel that all the services reviewed here are worth the investment. Jarvis is the most powerful, but pricing can be steep. I recommend it for marketing professionals and teams who need to generate lots of content.

ShortlyAI is a close runner-up, and it’s still pretty affordable. It doesn’t use templates, but in most cases, you won’t need them. I recommend ShortlyAI for digital marketers as well as writers. There really isn’t much you can’t do with this content generator. If ShortlyAI isn’t enough for your needs, because your content needs have grown, switching to Jarvis can always be an option.

Final Recommendations

Jarvis.AI – the most versatile AI content generator tool on the market today.

ShortlyAI – a cost-effective alternative for, without sacrificing much power.

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