ShortlyAI Review 2022 (inc. Tutorial) – Generate Website Copy Fast

ShortlyAI is without a doubt one of the better AI content writer tools available at this moment. Even though it was acquired by | Jarvis earlier this year, it continues to exist under its brand name and gain in popularity. 

In this short review, I’ll go over ShortlyAI’s use cases and workflow. I’ll explain what I use it for and how I use it, so you can decide if it’s a fit for your business situation. 

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What I use ShortlyAI for

As a digital marketer, I use AI tools for generating various types of content, and for different projects, such as my niche (authority) websites, as well as client websites. Not only does it help me push out long-form content, but also article outlines, engaging headlines, and PPC advertisement copy. 

I use AI writing assistants for:

  • Creating outlines and briefs for in depth articles
  • Website copywriting / fast blog post generation
  • Inspiration / generating new ideas to write about
  • Generation of blog post headlines, PPC headlines and advertising copy
  • Improving relevance of my content for the reader
  • Speeding up the creation process

Once you get familiar with and start using AI copywriting tools, such as Shortly, you’ll quickly realize that the possibilities are limitless. 

How to use ShortlyAI 

Working with ShortlyAI is incredibly easy. To get the writing assistant to generate content, all you need to do is enter a few simple commands. These commands give the AI engine hints on what to generate. Once you get used to the workflow, you’ll be able to produce high-quality website copy in no time.

Available commands are:

  • /instruct [what the AI engine should write about]
  • /rewrite [rewrites text in a unique way]
  • /shorten [shortens a text to make it more concise]
  • /expand [extends and develops the text]

In 85% of all cases, you’ll probably be using the /instruct command.

You can invoke Shortly’s AI engine to generate new content by providing one of the commands and hitting ‘write for me’, or ctrl-enter. Next, ShortlyAI will scan the following sections and start giving you the output:

  • The article brief 
  • The title of the article
  • The last 1200 words before the line where you enter the command

In case you need ShortlyAI to read less than the last 1200 words, you can insert ‘///’, at any point in your text. Using this feature gives you more control over the input the AI engine will use in order to create the new content.

Create various types of AI-generated output

Below are some examples of how I use Shortly to create different types of output. By getting creative, the possibilities become endless.

Tip: you can first generate a blog outline, and then use the generated outline as input for the paragraph generation. This is one of the quickest ways I know for creating long-form website copy. Getting creative and trying new things out is the way to go.

Example 1: Generate Blog Outlines

Generating briefings or outlines is your first step to structuring well-writing articles. You can generate these outlines easily by instructing the AI to provide you with some. After you generate a number of outlines, you can then determine which ones to continue working with.

/instruct [write a blog outline about how to improve digital marketing with AI content tools]

AI-generated Blog and article outlines

Example 2: Engaging Headlines

You can create surprisingly engaging headlines, which you would never think about yourself. As a digital marketer, I’ve been able to improve not only CTR (click-through rates) but also CVR (conversion rates) by using AI-generated headlines in my blog post titles and PPC ad copy titles. Many of the headlines I use are, at least, inspired by AI tools like Shortly.

/instruct [write 5 headlines about how AI content generators can improve your SEO results]

AI-generated headlines for blogs, PPC ads, and so on

Example 3: Relevant, Unique Content

The most common use of AI content tools is to create paragraphs, that are highly relevant for the reader, quickly. It’s possible to use the outlines created earlier in order to instruct Shortly to write a complete paragraph about the topic. If you look closely at the image, I’ve taken one of the outlines (example 1) and placed it into the /instruct command.

/instruct [write about how AI affects the marketing mix]
/instruct [write about the role of AI in Digital Marketing]

AI-generated paragraphs, as part of long-form writing

Example 4: PPC Ad Copy that Converts

Many AI-powered content tools have templates for generating different types of output. For example: for generating Blog Headlines. As you’ve seen earlier, ShortlyAI can easily generate copy for Google Ads, or Facebook Ads with the /instruct command.

Tip: you might want to set the output length to short since advertisement copy usually isn’t very long. Also, be sure to convey your pitch in the input as clearly as possible. That way, the AI engine can produce some original results, that you can work with.

For example: if you’re selling SEO services and you want to buy Google ads

/instruct [write some ad copy about how niche websites generate passive income]

Some inspiration for writing better Google Ads

Example 5: Get ideas for Blog Posts and Articles

Instructing the AI engine to generate ideas to write about is easy. Just ask for ideas and get inspired. Since ShortlyAI offers unlimited credits, you can do this over and over again. It’s time to say goodbye to writer’s block for good.

/instruct [give me 5 online business topics to write about]
/instruct [give me 5 content marketing topics to write about]

Get rid of writer’s block and become inspired by AI

Note: all AI writing tools predict and generate content, based on the input they are given. In ShortlyAI, these are the mentioned commands. The quality of the output depends on this input. Logically, often, you need to tweak the input a little and regenerate the text, until you get the desired results.

For more information about how to improve, AI-generated texts, take a look at these AI writing tips for creating better content.

What I like About ShortlyAI

There’s a lot to like about ShortlyAI. Below are the main reasons why I recommend this AI writing assistant.

  • Easy to use
    ShortlyAI is simple, and it’s very easy to use. The long-form editor is not only clean (which allows you to focus on the writing), but also fast. The user experience is incredibly clean.
  • Quality of output
    Generally, ShortlyAI’s output quality is really good. Like many AI writers, ShortlyAI uses GPT-3 for generating content. This doesn’t mean that it’s perfect though because, at times, you’ll need to tweak the input, to get a more appropriate output. This, however, goes for all AI writing software.
  • Long-form generation, but also short form
    ShortlyAI’s long-form editing experience is great, but it doesn’t stop there. Once you get accustomed to using the commands, you’ll be able to generate short-form output texts, within the long-form editor as well. See the given examples in this tutorial.
  • Unlimited  credits for content generation
    While most AI writing assistants will limit the number of generations, ShortlyAI does not. Instead, you can generate AI content as often as you need. ShortlyAI gives you unlimited credits.
  • Affordable
    For what you get, ShortlyAI pricing is considered very affordable. If you need long-form editing features in your AI writing assistant tool, then the best two options are’s Jarvis, or ShortlyAI. It’s obvious that Jarvis is more expensive, because it has more bells and whistles. However, in many (I should actually say most cases), ShortlyAI doesn’t fall much behind.

    For a discount and 2 months of free usage, I’d recommend the annual plan, however, if you choose a one-month subscription, you can still cancel anytime.

ShortlyAI vs. | Jarvis (Boss Mode)

I mentioned this at the start of this review, but let me repeat that. ShortlyAI has been acquired by Conversion.AI | Jarvis earlier this year. As a result, some of the features that make ShortlyAI so great are now available in Jarvis (Boss Mode) as well. Jarvis ai was originally’s long-form content editor. 

AI Content creation tool - Shortlyai
AI content creation - Jarvis | -
Jarvis (Boss Mode)

After integrating some of Shortly’s technology and features into Jarvis, the company even rebranded itself to simply: ‘Jarvis’, or ‘’. Jarvis offers the most bells and whistles in a pricing plan they call ‘boss mode‘. Have a look at their website if you’re interested to learn more. This is a ShoralyAI review, so I’ll leave it at that.

Differences between ShortlyAI and Jarvis (Boss Mode)

  1. Jarvis has more bells and whistles and thus is more powerful. It does different things and there are more commands at your disposal.
  2. ShortlyAI is more affordable than Jarvis, yet it is not significantly less powerful than Jarvis. This might change in the future as Jarvis is developing quickly.

If you’re interested in ShortlyAI, because of all the power and great capabilities it offers, then you’ll have to give Jarvis a look as well. Your choice should be based on what you get out of the AI content creation process. 

When to go for ShortlyAI over Jarvis (Boss Mode):

  • If you’re working alone (you are a solo blogger/entrepreneur/niche site owner) and your business still needs to grow, before you can even afford Jarvis. In this case, I’d recommend ShortlyAI, because it’s more affordable and not that much less powerful than Jarvis AI.

When to choose Jarvis AI (Boss Mode) over ShortlyAI:

  • If your business is highly reliant on creating a lot of content, and you work in a team, Jarvis AI is your pick. Jarvis offers a number of extra features that like multiple user seats Jarvis with all of its extra features and team seats as well as templates for extra productivity.  


There’s a lot to like about ShortlyAI. It’s fast, and it’s very easy to use. The output quality of the AI is great and it’s suitable for both basic content creation as well as in-depth, long-form generation. The editor is clean and allows the user to focus completely on the task at hand.

ShortlyAI will enable you to speed up your content creation and improve quality, delivering highly relevant and engaging texts for your audience. If you’re a blogger, copywriter, or digital marketer ShortlyAI should be on your list.

If you are interested in learning more about AI-powered writing, have a look at these AI content generators for creating quality website copy, quickly and easily.  If you’re already using an AI content generation tool, also have a look at my 5 best AI content writing tips, that you need to know, in order to create even better content with AI.

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