Mautic – Open Source Marketing Automation

Mautic is the only open-source marketing automation that is powerful enough to replace your current (expensive) SaaS solution. Mautic is available as a self-hosted solution (on-premise). So, unlike with most marketing automation platforms, like Hubspot, or Activecampaign, there are no monthly pricing plans. Furthermore, you own the data, because it’s stored on your own server.

Businesses often switch to open source, self-hosted solutions, when they need to own their data, such as email addresses or want to keep their campaign metrics private. With the GDPR rules in full effect, having full control of where marketing data is stored and being able to edit or delete the data instantly is a necessity.

Of course, even though Mautic is open source, you’ll still have to pay for hosting the software on your server. The good news is, that if you install Mautic correctly, you can still save a huge amount of money. For example, when correctly installed and set up, you can without issues, manage a DB of up to 100K contacts on a $20 / month Digitalocean VPS.

Because I get contacted often about Mautic, and the questions vary so much, I’ve tried to put together a Mautic series, which includes a detailed Mautic review, some Mautic installation best practices, and an in-depth step by step guide for installing Mautic on a DIgitalOcean VPS.

Mautic tutorials

  1. Mautic Marketing Automation Review – Is it the right fit for your business?
  2. Common Mautic Installation Errors – a discussion about the most common Mautic installation perks
  3. How to install Mautic on DigitalOcean – a step-by-step do-it-yourself Mautic installation guide, that explains how to install Mautic on a VPS (Digitalocean, Linode, or similar). This requires you to be familiar with Linux and the installation of web servers. If you have no technical knowledge, there is a quick and easy installation process through Cpanel on my recommended hosting service A2Hosting.
  4. Mautic tips and tricks – an organic list of some of my best Mautic tips and tricks. This includes integration with other applications, form builders, as well as techniques such as honeypots.
  5. Get help with Mautic – If you need help with Mautic, we can set up a discovery call and talk about your business needs.
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