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Mautic is an open-source marketing automation application that can be a viable substitute for your current email and marketing automation SaaS service. It allows for setting up effective automated email and automation sequences while keeping all your data private.

After switching from an expensive SaaS service provider a few years ago, I have been using Mautic for all my marketing automation campaigns.

mautic marketing automation
Mautic Marketing Automation
Mautic Automation Campaign

Why switch to Mautic?

Mautic Marketing automation is one of the most powerful marketing automation applications available. It’s an open-source solution and there’s no need for a monthly subscription – only hosting. Because Mautic is hosted by your own VPS (virtual private server), you own your data, which means that a third-party provider cannot resell, or use your data.

Mautic in a nutshell:

  • Powerful marketing automation features that can rival the most expensive SaaS services.
  • CRM features such as stages and lead-scoring.
  • Form and landing page builder.
  • Send mail through numerous different services, including Amazon SES, Sendgrid, elasticmail, Mailjet, Sparkpost, or custom SMTP servers
  • Data ownership. You own the data because it’s hosted on your own server.
  • You decide how and what to promote. You’re not at the mercy of any provider’s terms of service.
  • Cost savings, compared to mainstream automation and CRM services.
  • Easy onboarding and training, provided by myself.

Do you need help with Mautic?

I’ve been using, installing, configuring, and working with Mautic for some years now. I can help you with setting up Mautic according to your custom needs. There’s an option for training (onboarding) you and your team to use the platform as well. You can hire me in order to:

Still need help with Mautic? For inquiries about anything Mautic, please fill in the form on the contact page, and we can set up a consultancy call.

Lex Gabrees

Digital Marketing Strategist
I build cutting edge digital marketing strategies that seamlessly align with your business goals.

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