Best AI marketing Tools for Growing your Business in 2022

With the explosion of AI marketing tools, artificial intelligence in marketing has never been more widespread. Bloggers, affiliate marketers, and e-commerce entrepreneurs are now using AI-powered marketing to gain a competitive edge. Taking advantage of AI in your marketing strategy can help you more easily achieve your business goals. 

AI in marketing can be complex. Think about combining sales forecasting (predicting sales), data analysis (predictive analytics), and then effectively delivering personalized experiences. Small businesses or entrepreneurs, such as affiliate marketers or e-commerce stores, often need more simple and economical solutions.

AI Marketing Tools -
AI Marketing Tools

In this article, I’ll discuss several AI-based digital marketing strategies that can easily be implemented to help grow your business. I’ll also cover some AI marketing tools I use for my own projects, their benefits, and how they can improve your results.

AI Content Generators

Content generation using AI software is the process of utilizing artificial intelligence to create articles for your business marketing needs. The goal is to automate or semi-automate the production of content. AI-generated text is not only original but often resonates well with target audiences.

Creating large amounts of unique, high-quality articles for your website has never been easier. AI generators can help you:

  • Produce high-quality text for your blog, landing pages, e-commerce shop, or landing pages 
  • Improve engagement with your audience – AI-generated output is highly unique, yet relevant because the AI engine has previously learned what content is interesting for your audience.
  • Save on time, cost and effort – AI generators make it easier for you to create content quickly and to hire fewer writers.

AI content creation tools are becoming increasingly popular and because there are so many different ones, choosing what’s right for your business can be difficult. To find out more about how this works and which tool suits your needs, have a look at these top AI content generators.

My favorite ones, which I use for my digital marketing strategies and affiliate projects, are listed below:  

Jarvis.AI – the most versatile AI content generator tool on the market today.

ShortlyAI – a cost-effective alternative for, without sacrificing much power.

Takeaway: AI content generators (or writing assistants) will help you generate original content efficiently and easily.

AI SEO Tools

AI SEO tools work by applying concepts from natural language processing to the field of search engine optimization. It’s about understanding what’s important from the search engine’s perspective, and then being able to deliver content that outperforms the competition. 

By using AI-powered SEO, you will be able to simplify the SEO process and learn what needs to be done to outperform your competitors. AI SEO platforms simplify content optimization and enable you to easily and effectively optimize your content. All this without the need to hire expensive SEO agencies or services. 

Using AI for SEO has several advantages that can help you gain a competitive edge, including:

  • Finding the best keywords to optimize your content, based on the strategies and optimization techniques of your competitors
  • Providing you with suggestions to improve your articles, so they become more SEO friendly and ranks quicker and higher
  • Finding out the kind of content that will propel your website or e-commerce store to success
  • Analyzing how competitive certain keywords are and what pages rank for them. This allows you to determine how much work needs to be done to get results
  • Saving you tons of time and effort

Anyone who’s looking to improve their ranking can benefit from a wide range of AI SEO platforms, such as:

Frase.IO – helps you create SEO optimized content and provides an end-to-end content creation workflow
SurferSEO – Uses AI to help you create highly optimized content and offers a range of extra
Grammarly –  Improves your grammar, spelling and fixes issues with the tone of voice of your content

Takeaway: AI SEO tools help you understand what a search engine looks for and give you suggestions on how to produce content that outperforms your competition. By simplifying the SEO and creation processes, they save you time, money, and effort.

AI Video Generators

AI video generation automates the creation of animated videos from text descriptions. They allow you to produce engaging, natural-looking videos for your customers in just a few easy steps. All this without the need for cameras, actors, or audio equipment. In most cases, not even post-production or editing is needed. 

Because video is one of the best ways of getting your website visitors interested in what you do, AI video generation is quickly becoming popular for promoting products and providing information about services.  

With AI video generation, you can: 

  • Create professional and natural looking videos for your audience and customers easily and quickly 
  • Save time and money on the production of videos

AI video generation platforms are on the rise, but they’re all different, as each platform offers different features. Below are some of the tools I recommend: – create videos for e-learning or customer onboarding using AI characters – Similar to Synthesia, but also offers some automation features – produce simple, yet effective advertising/website videos

Takeaway: AI video maker tools allow anybody to produce engaging, natural-looking videos with just a click of a button. 

AI Chatbots

Chatbots are computer programs that simulate conversations with human users, often to provide customer service. Interaction can happen through text messaging, audio, or video chat. This allows you to automatically engage with your website visitors in a way that meets your marketing needs (f/e lead generation or conversion).

There are two types of chatbots: 

  • Rule-based chatbots – Chatbots that follow predefined rules, which are usually created via a graphical user interface. The bot builder creates paths using a decision tree.
  • AI marketing chatbots – Chatbots that learn from past interactions and generate original responses on demand. AI-powered chatbots can engage your audience with instant personalized messages.

In many cases, AI chatbots are interactive, autonomous, and do not require any human interaction. AI chatbots are used in many different ways, including:

  • Lead generation – Using an AI chatbot, you can start a conversation with potential customers and guide them to the appropriate information without human assistance. Correct implementation into your sales funnel can dramatically increase your conversion rate.
  • Informational purposes  – Help customers become knowledgeable about products and services they’re interested in and answer any questions they may have.
  • Improving customer engagement  – Chatbots can handle mundane tasks in the background and free up humans to interact with customers in a more personal way
  • Better customer service – Provide customers or your audience with instant, personalized feedback. This makes them feel cared for and improves brand loyalty. 

As you might expect, many different chatbots are available. Some are AI-powered, while others aren’t. Depending on your needs, I can recommend learning more about the following platforms:

Chatbot – Great AI-powered marketing bot at an affordable price point.

MobileMonkey – Focuses on B2C entrepreneurs and SMB
Manychat – Facebook messenger chatbot for engaging with your audience

Takeaway: AI marketing chatbots can assist customers with the shopping experience and answer common questions about products and prices in real-time. Also, they are very effective in generating leads and converting them, without human or semi-human involvement.

Wrap up

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing digital marketing and AI has now become an important part of digital marketing and sales. The benefits of using AI marketing tools for content generation, search engine optimization (SEO), and decision-making are too great to ignore. As an entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, or small business owner, it has become easy to start using AI to improve your results.

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