AI in Marketing – 5 Easy Ways to Improve Digital Marketing Results

The ability to use AI in marketing is growing rapidly, and it’s expected to pay off big for businesses of all sizes. AI applications for marketing are already widespread, and it’s expected to grow even more in the coming years.  Whether you’re a blogger, or business owner, using AI as part of your marketing strategy can help you improve your ROI and give you an edge over your competition.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to AI (artificial intelligence), how it works and how you can start using it to easily improve your ROI. 

What is AI in Marketing?

AI is a technology that uses advanced algorithms to imitate or replicate human intelligence. AI usage in marketing is artificial intelligence that’s designed to help marketers make more informed decisions, deliver better (and more targeted) content and simplify complicated tasks. By adding machine learning, AI is also capable of getting better at what it does, over time.

How to start using AI to Improve your Marketing?

AI’s capabilities are seemingly endless, and they range from improving the customer journey and predictive analytics to enhancing personalized experiences. However, starting to use AI to get valuable, actionable insights, improve relationships with customers or even bulk create content for your websites has become easier than ever before.

Whether you’re looking to improve your customer experience, Below are some quick, yet effective ways you can start using AI to boost your digital marketing efforts and results.

1. AI Content Marketing (content generation) 

Content marketing is a highly effective way of driving traffic to your website. Professionally executed content marketing can help you build your brand, increase engagement, and generate qualified leads and sales. In order to achieve results, you’ll need high-quality content, that’s engaging and valuable to your customers and target audience.

AI marketing with Jasper - Boost your content marketing with AI generated content
AI content marketing with

Content generation using AI is the process of automatically generating content, or parts of it, for your marketing needs. AI writing assistants are able to output different types of content that are highly relevant and engaging to the reader. This includes complete blog posts, advertising copy, headlines, and even complete in-depth articles and stories. 

AI can improve your content marketing by:

  • Enabling you to generate different types of relevant content faster than ever before. 
  • Freeing up a budget, which you can invest in other corners of your marketing organization

For more information on improving your content marketing with AI, have a look at this article about AI Writing Software

2. AI SEO (Content Optimization)

Search engine optimization (or SEO) involves all activities that affect the visibility of a website or web page in a search engine’s unpaid (not PPC) results. Being found for relevant keyword searches can result in highly targeted and valuable website visitors. One of the main problems with SEO is that it’s complicated, takes a lot of effort, and can be time-consuming. – AI-Powered SEO

AI-powered SEO tools work by applying concepts from NLP (natural language processing) to the field of search engine optimization. AI can understand what’s important from the search engine’s perspective, and then deliver actionable suggestions on what’s needed to rank your content or how to outperform your competitors in the search results.

AI can drastically improve your SEO efforts by:

  • Giving you Actionable and valuable insights for how to achieve a better Google ranking 
  • Simplifying your SEO process and workflow through automated SEO-related tasks such as keyword research, topical clustering, and showing. 
  • Showing you real-time optimization scores, based on your competition

To learn more about AI-powered SEO and how to start ranking your content in Google more easily and quickly, check out these AI SEO tools.

3. AI Video Marketing (Video Generation)  

Video marketing can be useful for businesses of all sizes. Over the last few years, Video marketing has proven time and again to be one of the best ways to promote your business online. Creating quality video content can help you connect with customers and potential customers, as well as educate them about your products and services. – AI-Powered Video Marketing

AI video generation tools can automate the creation of animated videos from a simple text description. Content creators can now produce engaging, natural-looking videos quickly and cost-effectively. All this without the need for cameras, actors, or audio equipment. In most cases, not even post-production or editing is needed. 

AI can improve your video marketing by:

  • Generating high-quality videos for your business with a few clicks
  • Saving you time, effort, and money on production

To learn more about AI video generation, check out Synthesia, which is a platform that allows you to create AI videos by simply typing in the text – without the need for actors, cameras, or equipment.

3. AI Chatbots (personalized marketing)

Chatbots are computer programs or platforms, that simulate conversations with human users. AI Chatbots are powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and are capable of processing natural language (NLP) and communicating with people by answering questions and even engaging in two-way conversations. They are often used to provide customer service. – Launch conversational AI-powered chatbots without coding

Businesses that don’t have in-house customer service representatives use AI chatbots to make communication with their customers easier. Chatbot conversations can range from a simple “how can I help you” question to complex sales and customer service tickets. Besides holding conversations, they can answer frequently asked questions and give instructions to customers.

Using AI chatbots can improve your marketing by

  • Increasing customer satisfaction by delivering customer support or information
  • Engaging with new and existing customers on a personal level

To learn more on the topic check out the AI Chatbot platform that will allow you to build chatbots from scratch – without any technical skill.  

4. AI Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing techniques for increasing brand awareness, strengthening customer loyalty, and staying top of mind (with existing subscribers). It provides a low-cost way to reach a large audience and reap the rewards of increased brand awareness and sales. For your campaigns to be successful, you need to know your audience very well.

AI can make your emails more relevant to your customers. this is more important than ever because consumers wrestle with a deluge of emails in their inboxes. When most people think of email marketing, they immediately think about spam, so email marketing must be high quality and you must make every email count. 

 AI can improve your email marketing campaigns by:

  • Fine-tune email marketing messages and make them more personal and engaging
  • Analyzing your email subscriber list and automatically creating email messages that are sent to the recipient, at exactly the right time


The possibilities for improving your digital marketing with AI are endless. From complex predictive analytics and suggestions for improving the customer experience, to easy-to-access content and video generation. 

Whether you work for an agency, in a marketing team, or are a freelancer or business owner AI can save you a lot of time, effort, and cost. 

As AI continues to disrupt the digital marketing industry on many different levels, I expect even more applications of AI to appear in the future.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is machine learning?

Machine learning (ML) is an element of artificial intelligence, that makes AI functionality “smart”. Machine learning happens when a computer is trained to perform a specific task by being shown a large number of examples. It can then start to “learn” on its own, and eventually predict outcomes. For example, customer behavior, or campaign performance.  

What is natural language processing (NLP)

NLP is the process of analyzing and understanding human language, identifying relationships between words, and suggesting alternative word choices based on the context. Because of how search engines have adapted to the understanding of search intent, suggestions based on NLP are believed to be of great value for achieving better SEO results. 

What is deep learning?

Deep learning is an emerging field within artificial intelligence that simulates the way the human brain learns. Deep learning uses a series of layers that perform specific operations, and it uses algorithms that work together to interpret data and learn from it.

What is a customer journey?

A customer’s experience with your marketing tactics can be broken down into what we call a ‘customer journey’. By breaking down your content strategy into stages, you can create content that responds to demographics at each stage of this journey. 

By utilizing AI algorithms, it’s possible to send customers more targeted messages, during each stage.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a marketing technology that automates marketing processes to deliver personalized content, or the right message to the right person at the right time. Combining marketing automation with AI can lead to even better customer interactions.

What is predictive analytics?

Predictive analytics is the practice of using past data to predict future outcomes to help marketers make better decisions. By using past data, patterns can be determined and as a result likely outcomes or results. Predictive analytics can help businesses anticipate future situations and trends.

What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising delivers ads based on data, rather than targeting them with keywords. Advertisers and publishers can work together through programmatic ad buying to build their campaigns by targeting specific audiences, such as people of certain ages, genders, interests, or geographic locations.

What are personalized messages?

Personalization can mean any customization, like changing the name on an email or sending a customer an invoice in their native language. When you gather customer data, AI algorithms can give you valuable insights and suggestions for personalizing your products, your website content, and so on. Personalized marketing messages can give you an edge over traditional marketing.

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