Web Analytics and Tracking

Web analytics and tracking are part of any effective online strategy. Measuring your most important business KPIs, and tracking them over time is imperative if you are to compete.

I have been setting up web analytics for many years. This includes not only B2B websites, but also e-commerce shops (enhanced ecommerce).

Google Analytics (including GA4)

I can help you to correctly set up Google Analytics for the measurement and reporting of your most important KPIs. I can help you get clear on how your website is performing. Over time, the data that’s collected will be important for making the necessary decisions for improving your digital marketing strategies and activities.

Google Tag Manager

By implementing GTM, specific events that happen on your website can be tracked and send back to Google Analytics reports. These events include form submissions, specific clicks, how far down pages are scrolled, and much more. GTM’s functionality allows me to set up specific measurement touch points that are important for your business results.

Matomo Analytics

If data ownership is your priority, I can help you install and set up Matomo analytics on premise. Matomo is the best open source web analytics platform available. It also comes with it’s own tag manager solution. This, including that Matomo can be installed under your own domain name makes it a very GDPR friendly solution.

If you have any questions or an inquiry regarding web analytics and tracking, please use the form on the contact page.

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