Why this Blog

This blog the main channel I use for sharing high-value digital marketing tips, tricks and strategies for entrepreneurs and small businesses. The information on this blog is original, authentic and results of years of experience working in the digital marketing field.

For more information about who I am, certifications and experience, please visit the about me page and LinkedIn profile.

Other reasons for starting this blog are:

Saving time

By pointing you to my free training, guides, and insights, you’ll be able to tackle digital marketing situations more easily, in your own time and at minimal or no cost.

Empowering you

My aim is to assist you on your online journey, by providing cutting edge insights and powerful techniques, that help you get better online results.

Contributing to a better web

While there is a lot of marketing-related information available on the web, much of it isn’t very high quality. Nowadays it’s also very difficult (especially for beginners) to recognize what information is true and who to trust.

My aim is to provide you with trustworthy usable information, without the fluff or non-sense.

Lex Gabrees
Digital Marketing Strategist / Performance Marketer
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