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The step-by-step instruction guide was never meant to be an instruction guide for people to install Mautic for clients, while they themselves know nothing about things like: Linux systems, server configurations, and so on.

It was meant to be a tutorial to help people get started and learn.

Instead, people started following the instructions and trying to install it for their clients.

Whenever they’d run into an issue, or their client would run into difficulty, they’d email me to ask me for free help.

In other words: people were trying to get me to invest my time and effort while hiding that they needed the info to solve their issues with a client. So, they get paid, while they want me to do the work.

Can you see how that gets ‘old’ very quickly?

If you’re looking to install Mautic, I suggest you have a search on google or youtube. There are plenty of articles and videos about the subject there. For beginners, I also advise staying away from Nginx, since the configuration is more complex than with Apache.

Or, try a 1 click Mautic installation

If you really know nothing about servers, configurations, and Linux systems in general, then installing Mautic with 1 click on a shared hosting provider can be an option (be sure to pick the $9.99 / month plan for reasonable performance)

Looking for Mautic consultant? Then contact me

For serious businesses only, I am still available. If you’re in need of Mautic consulting (which is not free), then feel free to contact me.

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