Install Mautic on a DigitalOcean Server

  • Do you have a large email list and are you sick of over paying for email automation software?
  • Do you need a private server in your own location (GDPR / privacy law related)
  • Do you want / need to own your data ?
  • Great for : ecommerce stores, lead generation businesse
  • Save tones of money and headache
  • Contact me for consultancy, campaign setup, workshops and so on.
  • How to get your DO token (information video)
  • TOS (describes the process / deleteion of tokens etc. ./ once its installed, I cannot reach the server anymore y9ou are on your own…. but you can pay me for updates and for service [contract based / montnhy payment for which I will outsource the people / affiliates] 
  • Solution for ; ecommerce shops / woocommerce and so o
  • Solution for : lead generation services
  • Solutions for migrating from activecampacign and so on to mautic (save time, money, headache)
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