5 AI Copywriting Tips every Content Creator Needs to Know

In order to produce texts that captivate your readers as well as rank high in search engines, you need to follow certain best practices. In this article,  I will be discussing the most important AI copywriting tips for improving content generated by AI.

If you’re new to using AI to create content, check out these top AI content generators first. In that article,  I outline how AI-powered content generation works and review 3 of the best AI writing tools. Alternatively, if you are already using AI-powered content generation, you’ll find some of the best AI copywriting tips below.

Understanding the Language of your Audience

Your AI tool’s output is correlated with its input. Having a deep understanding of your niche will help you feed the AI with relevant data it needs to generate relevant outputs. Also, you can tweak and re-generate for better results.

Check out this niche research tutorial if you want to learn more about the market and how to manually research your niche. The article lists both the best manual niche research tools, as well as tips and techniques for using them.

Takeaway: The more you know about your niche in general, including the words and language used, as well as what your audience expects, the better your AI input will be. It is important to understand how to assess which generated output is the best, as well as how to edit.

Produce better content than your competitors

You will need to compete with the top 10 results if you want your AI-generated content to rank in the search engines. The content you create must be better than that of the competition. The search engine usually gives you higher rankings if your content is more valuable than the competing pages.

In order to outrank your competition, assess what they are doing to achieve their ranking.

For example:

  • What is the structure of their articles?
  • What questions are they answering?
  • What are they doing to optimize their content?
  • What are the headlines they are using as an outline?
  • Do they use video?
  • Do they use social media channels, etc.?

I use frase.io to scan the top results in google and give me an overview of all the above points.

AI content writing tips by Frase.io
Frase.io scanning the competition in the SERP and showing optimization tips.

Takeaway: Make sure your content has a clear structure. Create an outline based on what is already ranking and improve on it. Put your primary (main) keyword in the title, and highly relevant keywords in the subheadings. Provide Google with content that’s longer, more informative, and better written than what’s ranking.

Edit AI Generated content

The output from an AI generator is most likely to be unique and highly relevant, but you should always review it manually. The AI output is not guaranteed to be factual. There are times when it will provide you with bogus facts.

By manually editing your content, you will be able to:

  • Add your tone of voice, thus increasing the relevance and uniqueness of the content
  • Correct factual errors generated by AI
  • Enhance the readability of your content. For better rankings, using natural language is crucial.

Takeaway: Never copy and paste AI-generated content into your website. You should always go over the content and add your style (voice and tone). Even though AI texts can be very relevant for your audience, they still require fact-checking and editing.

Create AI content that is SEO friendly

Rather than manually analyzing every piece of content that appears on the first page of Google, you can use an AI SEO Software tool to simplify the process and boost your search engine rankings.  AI SEO tools will scan the top results for your targeted topic and show you the keywords, headlines, and other things you need to focus on in order to rank well.

Based on an analysis of my ranking competitors, Frase.io tells me how many times I need to optimize for specific keywords

Takeaway:  Content that ranks well in Google is probably optimized well enough for Google to give it sufficient weight. To beat the competition you need quality content and to optimize it so that it outranks the rest.

Enhance Readability, Spelling, and Grammar

Readability is a measure of how easy it is to read a text. Scores are assigned on a scale of 1-100, and the goal is to create a site that is between 80-90. Readability includes many components, including vocabulary, sentence density, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and the use of contractions.

Grammarly allows you to improve readability

Takeaway: A good readability rating is helpful to search engine rankings since it increases user engagement and understanding. A tool like Grammarly can help to make your content more readable.


Using AI content writers to create high-quality content still requires some effort from you. You need to tweak your input to generate the most relevant output if you want your content to resonate with your audience.

Likewise, AI-generated output isn’t always SEO-friendly. To outrank your competition, do some competitive analysis and develop content that offers more value. An AI SEO tool can be a great help in this process.

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