5 AI Content Writing Tips every Copywriter Needs to Know

When using AI content writing tools to generate articles that need to captivate your readers, yet also rank well in Google. several things need to be considered.

In this article, I’ll go over a few tips, that help you get the most out of your AI-generated content.

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If you’re new to the idea of using AI copywriting tools for article generation, have a look at the best AI content generator tools for creating unique content easily and quickly.

Below are the most important tips (best practices), I recommend you implement in your AI copywriting workflow.

1 – Perform Niche Research

The quality of the AI input is directly correlated to the outputs. The better you know your niche, the better you’ll be able to feed the AI tool information. The result is better output, in terms of the context you are aiming for. This simply means that if you understand the output well enough because you know the niche, you can assess the output.

If you want to learn how to manually research your niche, have a look at my niche research tools article. That article lists the most important tools to use for doing manual research and gives you some tips and techniques on how to use them.

Takeaway: the better you know your market, the words, and language that is used, and what your audience expects, the better your input for the AI will be. You’ll also know how to assess what generated output is best, as well as what and how to edit.

2 – Create Relevant Outlines

To rank your AI-generated content in the search engines, you’ll need to compete with the top 10 results. This means that you need to create something that’s just a little bit better than what your competitors are ranking for. Why? Because if your content is better and gets more engagement from the searchers, Google will rank it higher.

To outrank the competition, you’ll first need to assess what they’re doing to rank. How are they structuring their articles? Which questions are they answering? How are they optimizing their content? What headlines are they using as an outline? Are they using video? Are they active on social media channels, etc?

In this article, I’ll focus on written content.

I use frase.io to scan the top results in google and give me an overview of all the above points.

AI content writing tips by Frase.io
Frase.io scanning my competition and showing optimization tips.

Takeaway: create a clear structure for your content. Create this outline based on what’s already ranking and improve on that. Use your primary (main) keyword/topic in the title, and highly relevant keywords in the subheadings. Create content that’s longer, better written, more informative than what’s already ranking, and Google will reward you.

3 – Manually edit AI Generated Content

Even though AI-generated text is mostly unique and highly relevant, you’ll need to go over the output manually, always. This is because the AI output does not guarantee factual output. At times, it’ll BS around and give you ‘facts that aren’t true at all (yet they sound good).

If you’re in any medical market, you’ll have to be careful with this, and you’ll need to double-check the output against the facts. This means that you’ll have to check things such as references to research that the AI spits out because they might be inaccurate. This goes for many niches. You get the point.

Manually editing your content will enable you to:

  • add a tone of voice, which in turn makes the content more unique and relevant,
  • fix factual errors AI has generated
  • improve the readability of your content. Using natural language is very important for getting better rankings.

Takeaway: never copy and paste AI-generated content into your web pages. Always go over the content and add your style (voice and tone) to the mix. Even though AI text can be highly relevant for your audience, it needs fact-checking and editing.

4 – Make your content SEO Friendly

Instead of analyzing every piece of content that’s ranking on the first page of Google manually, you can use Frase.io to do this. Frase.io is a tool that will scan the top results for your targeted topic show you an overview of the keywords, headlines, and other things that need attention, to rank well.

Frase.io, telling me how many times I need to input certain keywords into the content (while taking into account the competition)

Frase.io, telling me how many times I need to optimize for specific keywords, based on an analysis of my ranking competitors

Takeaway: the content that’s already ranking well in Google is probably optimized enough for Google to give it enough importance. This is your SEO / optimization baseline. Your goal is to create better content and optimize it so you can outrank the others. Because this takes time and effort, I use tools like conversion.ai for creation and FraseIO for 

5 – Check Spelling and Grammar

Good readability is a measure of how easy it is to read a text. It’s measured on a scale from 1-100, and the goal is to create a site with a readable score between 80-90. it’s composed of several factors, including vocabulary and sentence density; grammatical structure and punctuation; capitalization, and use of contractions.

Grammarly allows you to improve readability

Takeaway: good readability positively affects your search engine rankings because it increases user engagement and understanding. You can use a free tool like Grammarly, to improve the readability of your content.


Creating high-quality content using AI generators still needs manual intervention. AI content generation tools are great writing assistants, but you have to stay on top of the output. If done correctly, they will be of great help in becoming more productive and create compelling content, that ranks fast.

If you’re interested in learning more about AI content writing, what the best tools are for your specific business, have a look at the Best 3 AI content generators for digital marketer writers and creators.

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